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Student Comments

Mr. Promise Fung is the most enthusiastic and inspirational English tutor I have ever met. Being his student since Form 1, I have been improving my English proficiency thanks to his all-round teaching. One of the highlights of his courses is that he conducts his courses in English. Instead of using Chinese mostly like other tutors do, Mr. Fung teaches with his native English accent, which is not commonly used in the local English tutoring industry, and creates a terrific English learning atmosphere. Not studying at traditionally renowned schools, before I attend Mr. Fung's lessons, I always find my English ability inferior to others. But with his well-planned teaching timeline and materials, I am able to enhance my English standard with an organized schedule. Also, different from other tutors I have ever met, be it English tutors or tutors teaching other subjects, Mr. Fung doesn't really regard his students as learners, but peers.  Even if I encounter difficulties which is not related to English, Mr. Fung is always approachable and is willing to offer kind help. Despite improving my English proficiency, as a college graduate from the US, Mr. Fung always shares his insightful experience, which equips students with global horizons. Moreover, not only does Mr. Fung teaches everyday English, but he also teaches academic English which appears in newspaper articles and formal letters. So I am more confident in academic reading and writing now. Even though I am graduated from high school, Mr. Fung is still very nice that he keeps in touch with me as peers and also provides precious advice for my career planning. So, I sincerely recommend Mr. Fung to those who are determined to excel in English.


Herman Ko DSE English Language CSWCSS, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Business and Management)

Mr. Promise Fung is one of the most inspirational teachers I've ever had. The incredibly effective examination and revision techniques taught prepared me very well for internal examinations throughout my school years. His amusing but yet efficacious lessons can always keep my attention and the interest to learn. Besides being a wonderful teacher, he is also a very caring friend and trustworthy big brother who I always look up to when I face difficulties.


Jon Yau DSE English Language DBS

Promise teaches in a very structured way with good attention of my areas of improvement. His friendly teaching style and regular interaction with the class turned dull textbook materials into a fun and productive learning experience. Out of class he also gave me plenty of useful advice on study strategies, good extra reading materials, as well as tips on selecting my HKCEE optional subjects. Despite being a science student, I chose to study geography and with the help of Promise I got an important A grade in my overall 6A’s results in HKCEE 2006.


Tim Kong HKCEE Geography & English LSC, Imperial College London


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