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Payment info & policies

1. Please pay through the following method:

-SCB 407-1134-1265

(Not Rigmarole Tutorial Limited)

- FPS: 9023-4954

(Not Rigmarole Tutorial Limited)

2. Record of payment

-Pls send to 9023-4954 (Not Rigmarole Admin)

-Pls send all record to our admin so all payment throughout the year can be found under the same WhatsApp thread

-Pls DON'T send your payment slip to any of our teachers as this will increase our workload to double check the payment

3. Payment due date:

-Payment are due at the BEGINNING of the month. If you do not know the payment amount, you can wait till you receive the first payment reminder. 

4. Payment reminder:

-Reminder will be sent from our admin phone 10 days after it's due. Please pay ASAP.

Second reminder will be sent 7 days later if it remains unpaid. (Please avoid receiving second reminder by paying ASAP after the first reminder)

5. Recurring late payment:

-If you have received second payment reminder for the third time, you will be asked to prepay your fee 3 months in advance, preferably post-dated cheque. (Advance payment is refundable, you can withdraw from the course anytime & get a refund. We just don't want to bother you with the trivial amount every single month)

6. Regular Class Schedule (Except Chinese)


Fall Semester

9/4 (Monday) - 11/25 (Saturday)

Spring Semester

1/1 (Monday) - 5/25 (Saturday)


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